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My Mother and I: Serious Food for Thought

Eileen Morrissey, RDH, MS

What will I do?
When my mother is gone
I angst on this now
Dreading future forlorn

My mother and I
Seem forever prickly
I remind myself often
That life passes quickly

Yes, this I know
I have yet to apply it
Conversations spent arguing
I cannot deny it

What will I do?
When my mother is gone
So many tell me
Wishing for my dawns

Longing for new days
To have done or said more
That time has passed
Draining collective core

Why so difficult
to make present moments count?
Help me I beg thee
Let this despair not mount

I’m frantic for a solution
Because I don’t want to be
Those aforementioned everyone
Please, no, not me

What will I do
When my mother is gone?
My pledge here and now
Try harder to get along!

Make it all count
Is my intent, solemn vow
For a mother and daughter
The time can only be now


My Hygiene Journey

Eileen Morrissey, RDH, MS

As a young exuberant hygienist I was more than a bit extreme
I gave home care presentations that made patients want to scream.

I couldn’t seem to grasp that lives were more than oral care
No one will spend hours, despite what I say at the chair!

As a mature hygienist I’ve softened; Eased up on folks, and me
I’ve learned to treat the whole; for some, just let them be!

The sun will rise tomorrow if my patients do not floss
I enjoy them so much more now; I’m a caregiver, not a hygiene boss.

As female clinicians treating women, our hormones will continue to roar
Revel in the journey; onward we go through the hearts’ core!



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