“Eileen, thank you. In some ways, I was dreading a meeting that dissected our recare visit.
You not only made it comfortable, but enjoyable and enlightening…”
Shirley Birenz, RDH, Ridgewood, NJ

Facilitation: Need help with facilitation of your team or departmental meetings? Eileen can facilitate these in your office. Meetings are typically scheduled once a month, six times a year, or quarterly. Eileen brings you expert facilitative skills, and a neutral perspective. She can help you with solutions successfully implemented in other practices. Every meeting will feature a pre-arranged agenda, as well as a protocol for follow up and accountability. You and your team will receive a written report within 3 days of the meeting.

Coaching: Meet with Eileen regularly for brainstorming and coaching of marketing or management projects. You will spend 60-90 minutes with her on goal setting and action steps for the short and long term. In the subsequent month, she will review what you have achieved, and plan the activities for the upcoming month. Having Eileen to report to is excellent for motivational purposes in getting projects accomplished. Further, she can help you with creative ideas. Coaching is suitable for doctors and teams; doctors only, or teams only, depending on the needs of the team.

Marketing Activities: Need a temporary arm? Eileen can provide that for you. She’ll visit the businesses in your neighborhood; speak at schools or organizations in your locale, or work with you and your staff on how they can get started. She’ll help you to organize an open house, or create a testimonial booklet. Eileen can assist you in any area of marketing you have interest in pursuing.

Customized Workshops: The practice management work shops have been developed and presented to numerous teams. If there is an area of interest not mentioned here, Eileen will create a program tailored to the specific needs of your practice.

Public Relations: Do you need a press release written? Follow up contact with media? Would you like to book speaking engagements? Eileen has experience working with all aspects of media, television, radio, newspaper, web, and organizations.

Communication: If you would like to create a newsletter, brochure or website, but need help with writing or finding topics of interest. Eileen can do this for you. She is a published author for such magazines as Dental Economics, RDH, The Seattle Study Club Journal and the New Jersey Journal of Dentistry, and the editor of Practice Inspiration. She has written and edited newsletters for practices. If you need help drafting letters to your patients; writing classified ads, or creating an office policy manual, she can assist you in any of these areas.

Miscellaneous: If you have an idea for a project not mentioned here, make the inquiry. The likelihood is that Eileen can assist you.