Seminars & Workshops

“Your ears were ringing yesterday as I spoke about you and
your presentation at the state board meeting in Hamilton, NJ.
Thank you for a stimulating three hours!”

Claudine Paula Drew, RDH, EDD, Clinical Coordinator,
New Jersey Dental School, Newark, New Jersey

Eileen MorrisseyThe following programs are available as in-house workshops for single teams, or group lectures. Programs are interactive. All seminars are suitable for doctors, doctors and teams, or any sector of the dental team. They can be offered alone, or combined to create half or full day seminars.

Ms. Morrissey is a national AADH provider. Contact her if you would like to see a detailed synopsis for any program.

“Excellent, Eileen, excellent! The concept of holding an actual meeting
within the workshop was great. I now have a model for the future?”
Dr. Tom Vutech, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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A Consult-Workshop, created by About Face Dental Consulting is an innovative concept that combines consulting expertise with your team’s interactive dynamic in a staff meeting setting. Consult-Workshops take place in your office, day or evening. If your state accepts practice management seminars toward licensure, you will earn continuing education credits for your time.

Seminar & WorkshopsConsult-Workshop Features

  • Held in your office — no travel. Experienced facilitator runs program
  • 2 hours in duration, longer if you wish. National AADH provider.
  • Customized to your team’s needs. Written report within 3 days.
  • Interactive, not a lecture. Unique and effective.

Sign up for one! Sign up for all! Fee for each program is $350. Call 609-259-8008 to register today.

Consult-Workshop Topics:

I. “Presenting Your Award Winning Team Meeting.” Learn how to hold an effective staff meeting by participating, hands on, in one. We confidentially pre-survey your team to create an agenda in advance, then, hold a meeting within a meeting. Follow this protocol, and you are guaranteed to have effective staff meetings in the future.

II. “Ask for Patient Referrals, and You Will Receive.” This simple, inexpensive technique can be your most effective marketing strategy. Doctor and team learn techniques for when and how to ask for referrals inside and outside the practice. This is guaranteed to work for you!
III. “Make Your Conversations Count.” Warning, Warning! Your automatic pilot dialogue has been activated, and your patients are being held captive. Automatic Pilot Dialogue can be positive, or the worst thing that’s ever happened to your practice. Perception is reality — what impressions are your patients leaving with? Scrutinize routine verbiage to see if your message might be communicated more effectively.

IV. “The Fine Line between Service and Marketing.” It is no longer enough to provide excellent quality and service in your practices. We must dazzle, anticipating the wants and needs of our patients before even they do. Brainstorm innovative service and marketing ideas, and walk away with your own 10 top strategies to implement immediately.
V. “Ultimate Recare Visit” Your recare visit is a staple of your practice, and integral to its success. All team members need to fully realize the service value of the practice recare visit, and their roles as contributors, whether that be administrative or clinical. Design and implement an effective, ultimate recare experience that reflects the unique philosophy of your particular practice.

New Program (for Doctors & RDH’s only)

New Programs

VI. “Doctor/RDH — Dynamic Duo.” What a doctor and RDH can achieve at re-care is amazing. Do you have a vision for what you would like to accomplish? Have you communicated it to each other? Would you like help promoting necessary and elective dentistry, and soft tissue management treatment? We’ll take a close look at the internal marketing tools available in your practice, and focus on refining your techniques. Finally, we?ll create an exam dynamic that results in patients scheduling and following through with treatment.

“Your seminar was great and very uplifting. I thought I was
the only one going crazy. Thank you for your inspiration.”

Kathleen Sinatra, RDH, New Jersey

Additional Seminars

“The Ultimate Recare Visit.” 4-6 CEUs
The recare visit is one of the major staples in the dental practice. It is integral to practice success. This program will discuss methods of achieving “The Ultimate” in a recare visit. This seminar asks doctors and hygienists to communicate and to synchronize their objectives as to recare visit priorities. Virtually every aspect of recare protocol will be thoroughly examined, as well as the rationale behind each step of the protocol. Clinical decisions are a collaborative effort between doctors and hygienists. Supporting research as to current cutting edge concepts in clinical practice management will be presented.

“Balancing Life’s Juggling Act.” 2-3 CEUs
Had we known that life was to be a circus, we would have gone to clown college! Spend interactive time brainstorming strategies to find balance in the workplace, and in relationships with spouses, children, parents and friends. Leave with definitive action steps and goals to help attain balance immediately. This seminar topic is timeless, and involving to the point that participants don’t want to leave. Program especially suitable for female jugglers, however, male perspectives are valued, and welcome.

“BanishTeamBurnout — A Win/Win for Doctor and Team.” 3 CEUs
Are members of your dental team operating on automatic pilot? What will it take to revitalize their attitude and maintain their zest for providing exemplary service? Burnout pervades the dental profession. When monotony sets in, the quality of services delivered may diminish. Moreover, burnout can trigger good employees to leave a dental practice, the last thing any employer needs, given the current shrinkage of quality workforce. This is a fast paced interactive seminar where doctors and staff learn how to affect positive solutions to an ongoing challenge. Participants will leave with a new outlook, as well as practical tools to implement immediately.


The fee for in-house workshops presented to single teams is $350

Lectures to groups are:

  • $1200 for 2-hour seminars
  • $1500 for 3-hour seminars
  • $1800 for half-day seminars
  • $2100 for 6-hour seminars

Course fees do not include travel expenses, AV equipment, or the cost of reproducing handouts.

Fees are valid through 2018. Additional sponsorship available.