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"I simply believe that your seminar would be so beneficial to so many doctors...
This is a fantastic across the board seminar that is more beneficial to my practice than learning about
bone-generating implant placement. You deserve to have a huge following."

Erika Smit, DDS, Long Island, NY

The Roar of Womanhood: How Life's Phases Impact Oral Health

Women; hear the roar! If you are listening to this seminar, you either are a woman; and/or you have significant women in your lives. You may be a hygienist caregiver; and are, no doubt, a receiver of care. For all the ways that we connect to women, this seminar will be meaningful.

From adolescence to adulthood to the childbearing years to peri-menopause to menopause and beyond, the journey of a woman's life and its impact on oral health is meaningful and significant. As clinicians, it is integral that we understand all possible impact and ramifications enabling us to better serve our female clients. As receivers of care, we now understand the perspective more fully, enabling us to apply this knowledge to expand our care provider roles. If you enjoy theatrics, you will appreciate this seminar!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Detailed Learning Objectives for State Boards Click Here
  • Review and implement into practice how the phases of the woman's life cycles impact oral health.
  • Gain knowledge of contemporary theory with regard to "treatment" of physical, mental, and emotional challenges as they pertain to oral health.
  • Integrate into practice, optimal oral assessment and treatment the woman's journey through the ages.

This presentation will include live re enactment of clinical interactive dialogue with women through the ages/stages. Fun!

$60 - 3 CEUs for RDHs, doctors, assistants.  AGD # 730, 495. 
Registration deadline is 4-7 days prior to each course. Late registration accepted if space permits. Call 609-259-8008 or click the "register here" button. Note: Eileen Morrissey is a national AADH provider. This course has been approved by the Maine Board of Dentistry, and is being co-sponsored by the Maine Dental Association.

Go ahead: stick your tongue out at me!

3 CEUs for RDHs/staff with RDH Magazine columnist Eileen Morrissey* RDH
All about the tongue, including: anatomy; conditions; presentation; pathology; abnormalities; ties; case studies; screenings; link to halitosis; office debridement; home hygiene; link to systemic; eastern diagnostics; piercings; blocks; Shui and more.

*Overall objective: to learn about each of these subcategories, and to leave with practical solutions to many of the challenges presented.

Whine away clinical & practice management challenges!

3-4 CEUs for RDHs/staff with RDH Magazine writer Eileen Morrissey*RDH, MS. New format! Includes clinical & practice  subtopics. Fun, interactive problem solving in a happy hour learning session. Note: This session will become a 4 CEU seminar effective November 1, 2018.

I.e.: Clinical: Given the size of the mandibular tori, how would we modify radiograph technique to get apicals of the lower arch?  Should all oral Lichen planus be biopsied?  Practice: How to manage referral challenges with your doctor? How to handle a coworker who is behaving unethically in a clinical situation? And more! Bring your challenges to the session!


*Explore and resolve, via group discussion a variety of clinical challenges in our dental dental hygiene practices, including testing your knowledge of dental emergencies!
*Explore and resolve, via group discussion, a variety of practice challenges in our dental practices.
*Learn take home pearls that increase your value to your dental practices.
*Leave with practical solutions regarding all the above.

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Date Time Location

Whine away clinical & dental practice challenges! 3 board approved CEUs


Sun., 10/21 . 4-7PM

Registration/wine/light fare  $60 - 3 CEUs


Hampton Inn, 360  Foothill Ave., Bridgewater, NJ

Please register by Tues. 10/16! (Late registration only if space permits)

Whine away clinical & dental practice challenges.

NOTE CHANGE:  4 PDHA academy approved CEUs!

Sun., 11/11. 4-8PM

Registration/wine/light fare

$80 - 4 CEUs

Hampton Inn, 100 Cresson Blvd., Phoenixville, PA

Please register by Tues. 11/6! (Late registration only if space permits)




Course Fee: $60 for 3 CEU program - Deadline 4 days prior. (Late registration if space permits.)

Note: Effective November 2018, this seminar will become a 4-CEU program, with a new course fee of $80!

Note: Please be advised that there will be no refunds for cancellations or "no shows" within 24 hours of seminars involving food and beverage. Partial reimbursement is available at the discretion of the speaker for cancellations that take place prior to that time frame. Every effort will be made to transfer registration to another course.

*New Jersey accepts courses given by nationally approved AADH providers
PA courses are Academy accepted by P.D.H.A.

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Course Objective: The purpose of this course is to enable participants to design and implement an ultimate recare experience for patients that reflects the unique philosophy of their practices. Clinical protocol will be thoroughly examined, as well as the rationale for each segment of the protocol. Every participant leaves with the information and inspiration to make practical applications immediately.(State board objectives - click here)
PM Interactive Component: "Hands-On" with American Eagle Instruments Inc. better Dentistry by Design Sharpen-Free XP Technology

(NJ offices only): "HANDS-ON" XP (Sharpen-Free) Instrumentation office workshop!

Who: RDHs and/or doctors *(Doctors need not be present)
When: Days, evenings, weekends
Call 609-259-8008 or contact eemorrissey@aol.com to schedule a workshop
Where: Your office
Fee: $200 includes up to 5 clinicians. $40 for each additional clinician. Check, M/C or Visa. All participants receive a complimentary XP instrument courtesy of American Eagle.
2 ceus *AGD #245 *2 hours

1. Learn about XP (Sharpen-Free) Instrumentation technology.
2. Learn modified scaling technique that must be utilized.
3. Practice XP instrumentation on a colleague.
4. Experience XP instrumentation as a patient.
5. Learn about XP maintenance.

*Offices 50+ miles away from my central NJ office will be billed a $25 surcharge.
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