Frequently Asked Questions

"The Asking for Patient Referrals workshop was excellent.
You are truly a bargain, and I will use you again in the future!"
Dr. Bob Cannis, Lakewood, New Jersey


How do I register for a single team workshop?
Contact Eileen Morrissey at 609-259-8008, or via e-mail at

Who attends team workshops?
Workshops should be attended by doctor and all staff. Exclusion: Ultimate Recall Visit (for doctor and hygienist) except by special request.

May I schedule more than one workshop in a day to create half or full day programming for my staff?
Yes. We will discount your program $50 if you do so.

If I refer you to another doctor who schedules a workshop, will you discount a future program?
Yes. We appreciate the referral and we'll credit you $50 as an expression of gratitude.

May I obtain a telephone or e-mail reference from a doctor who has held a workshop?
Absolutely. We are happy to supply references.

What happens if I need to cancel a workshop with less than 48 hours notice?
There is a $100 cancellation fee unless we can replace your workshop with another program.

How much lead time does one need to schedule a workshop?
Seven days, to allow for the distribution, return and analysis of the pre-meeting surveys.

For regular "coaching services", what happens if I need to cancel a meeting?
There is a $100 cancellation fee unless we can replace your meeting with another program.

I'm interested in limited marketing projects only, as they arise. Can you help?
We work this way regularly with many dentists.

I do not wish to sign a contract for extended management services. Can you work this way?
Yes, we work this way regularly with many dentists.

What is your fee for writing services? How may I see samples of your work?
The writer fee is $50/hour. View samples on this website. (See publications.)

How effective are you at media contact?
Extremely effective. To quote Rick Pitino, "Persistence makes us great." I can teach you how to do it too.

What do you mean you are "out of box"?
I'm not your classic consultant, although I have been in many offices and seen numerous systems in place. I encourage my clients to try unconventional if the classic way isn't working. Imagination is a wonderful thing.